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    CD-Based Exam - Security Settings Hell

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      I have a CD-Based Flash movie that plays in a browser. After the user has taken a test (in Flash), I need to be able to submit the results to a web page to capture the answers. As this is a CD-based project, I don't want to have to walk users through going into a bunch of settings. Is there a reasonable approach to this?

      <soapbox> Why in the world is it so ridiculously hard to use Flash in any scenario that tries to utilize external data? I realize that there are security risks out there, but I think that this crippling of features has gotten out of hand, especially for CD-based projects. </soapbox>
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          Using LoadVars with sendAndLoad makes it quite easy to submit data to a
          server. What's the problem anyway?

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            eslacker Level 1
            The problem is that when I try to run from a user's browser (as opposed to testing the movie within Flash), I get the security warnings. I'm a bit puzzled by all the info out there on the security changes in version 7 of the player.

            The net-net question is, "how do I approach having a cd-based Flash movie that needs to submit data to a web page?" i.e. what security settings do I need to set so that each user doesn't need to manually go and add the domain that the swf is trying to call?