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    No Saving Marks, comments, texts, sketches on Android 6.0.1 with External Storage (extSdCard)

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      with the latest Version i can`t save my edits with the Adobe Acrobat Reader App.


      First i had this Problem with my Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0.

      But i read a general Workaround for User how update from previous version of Android 5.0 ( Android 4.4 etc.):

      Deinstall the app an install it new. Now the App check the Write Permission.
      At this case it don`t ask and by default now i can save the edit`s.


      Second Problem with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Stock Version Android 6.0.1

      A Deinstall and new install do not gives a Write Permission do ExtSdCard.


      The App ask me for a general Permission to my Files, but not to extSdCard.





      When i would like to add a text mark it give this Information:
      But the File is not protect!

      The file is only located at External Storage and the App can`t Save anything in this PDF.







      For Example This Workaround are in other Apps
      and it missing for this Adobe Reader App:


      Screenshot_20160623-210620 zugeschniten.png


      Screenshot_20160623-210625 zugeschniten.png


      Screenshot_20160623-210635 zugeschniten.png



      Screenshot_20160623-210639 zugeschniten.png


      Screenshot_20160623-210643 zugeschniten.png