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    User Authentication Across Domains

    redbarron Level 1
      Our CPS is authenticating users across 3 domains (under one main umbrella) successfully (against our LDAP), but we have 2 instances where we have 2 users with the same user name "ssmith" and CPS will not allow access to either account, despite the fact that they are unique entities (2 different domains) and are added into 2 separate roles in the CPS manager. In CPS Admin, I can run a user query and find both accounts with no problem. However, while the connection key has run on their computers, their login won't work. It will, however, work for any other user attempting to log onto Contribute on that same computer.

      The basic issue is that CPS seems to be balking at the duplicate user names, even though the accounts are two separate entities in two different domains. Sure CPS allows for users of different domains to have similar login user names!? Any suggestions would be helpful; couldn't find anyone else with this problem in the forums. Thanks in advance!