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    Jpeg export view from Indesign

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      Can someone tell me what the best procedure would be to view an exported JPEG from Indesign?

      Unlike an exported PDF, there is no automatic link to an app or plug-in that allows the user to see what he or she has exported.

      We use these JPEGs to send to customers, so viewing them quickly would help our procedure.

      Any process suggestion would be appreciated.


      Thank you

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Viewing a jpeg is handled by the OS. You can export from ID - jpeg, pdf, eps, epub, but after that ID is "idle".


          Your question is "How do I set a default viewer for jpeg files?"


          What OS? (Mac or Win)

          Windows - Right click any jpeg (jpg) and choose Open With from the flyout. Choose Default Program (should be) at the bottom of the Open With

          Windows Photo Gallery would be a typical default choice.


          OSX - (I think) select a file and use cmd+I to set preferences for handling.

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            Thank you for your quick response.

            Actually, I was looking more for a procedure that was akin to how exported pdfs are handled from Indesign

            When Indesign exports a PDF, Acrobat is triggered and automatically shows a preview of the pdf.

            But, since nothing is being distilled with a JPEG, there is no helper app that previews the JPEG after it's been created.

            And we are working on Mac OS 10.11.5.

            Again, thank you for your help.

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              rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can view JPEGs in any of OSX browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), or Preview and they are all color managed, so they will respond to embedded profiles. And of course there is Photoshop.


              To automatically launch one of the apps you would need script. The easiest way to script it would be a folder action, so when you export the JPEG into a folder with the script attached it opens the JPEG.


              Something like this would open into preview and could be setup as a folder action:


              on adding folder items to hotfolder after receiving added_items

                  tell application "Finder"

                      set thepath to item 1 of added_items as alias

                  end tell

                  tell application "Preview"


                      open thepath

                  end tell

              end adding folder items to

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                Thank you for the scripting advice.

                I will try a hotfolder.