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    Printing not lining up and Printing Partial Images

    art brewer

      I have been using Lightroom for years and have only recently had a problem.

      When I choose a paper size and try to print, the printer only prints a partial image. It does not matter if I am trying to print one image or a contact sheet, the printer continuously prints something OTHER than what the screen shows. HELP??


      The printer prints correctly in Photoshop and the simple print preview so I know it is something in the Lightroom CC application. I have tried using preset page sizes and I have created my own, to no avail. Has anyone else had these problems? Any suggestions on what to do?


      I am using Lightroom CC on a Mac Pro with an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer with a 24" roll and the type of media does not seem to matter.

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          mbaginy Level 1

          Hello Art.  I just began viewing this forum due to printing problems and happened to read your question.  I don't know if you've solved this problem yet, but I'd like to explain my similar experience and how I solved this frustrating condition.


          My solution was simple, but effective.  After completing all settings, I clicked the right-hand "printer" button instead of left-hand "print" button.  The left button (formerly named "print one") would often lead to only a partial print, as you explained.  The right-hand button has always printed properly.  Sounds odd but it works.


          By the way, I'm using LR CC, iMac and Epson 3880 printer.  I'm a member of the luminous-landscape site and others have reported the same phenomenon and were able to get correct prints by ignoring the left button.


          I hope this helps!