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    InDesign won't open since the update (Windows). Can anyone help?

    heatherg22585799 Level 1



      I mindlessly updated my CC apps yesterday. I've (thankfully) never encountered a serious performance issue with any of my Adobe apps before, but now I've been completely unable to open InDesign over the last 30 hours (since I updated). I'm using a PC running Windows 10 and it's always been a reliable machine that met the system requirements. My other Adobe apps are also updated and they're working just fine, but InDesign keeps ending up like this:


      ScreenHunter_564 Jun. 22 18.23.jpg


      I'm getting very frustrated because I'm now behind schedule and I apparently don't pay enough for tech support.


      ScreenHunter_565 Jun. 23 14.32.jpg


      Has anyone else encountered this, and is there a sure-fire fix? Please let me know ASAP!



      Heather G



      Windows 10

      InDesign 2015.4