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    Establishing an electronic AP system.  Need approvals prior to payment.


      We plan on scanning in all of the invoices, and placing them in an internally separately accessible folder for each manager to approve.  Moving the files from one folder to another accomplishes the workflow. 


      This is a strictly internal procedure, so we don't need digital signatures that would be "legal," just a unique stamp from the approving manager and notes will suffice.  Which software product to use?  Will need stamps and notes from the managers, and only a stamp with voucher number and maybe date from the clerk.  Don't really need to worry about someone removing the approval or the notes, but from an internal control procedure, it can't hurt.


      Seems like the Adobe software will suffice.  Don't need anything more sophisticated at the moment.  Not sure which version accomplishes what we need at the lowest cost. 


      (This is my first post - is this even the right community?)