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    Would this laptop do the job for after effects and premiere pro?


      Would this laptop do the job of running both programs on the faster side? I am looking for a laptop on the cheaper side that can still run both programs smoothly, as i am now going to be using plugins from the Trapcode Suite i am looking to grab a laptop so I can work on the project not only at work but also at home.


      New Inspiron 15 5000 Series Details | Dell


      if not any suggestions? my budget is around 1500 however there is some wiggle room.

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          i would avoid dell and lenovo, they were caught loading bad software on their computers in the past, making them vulnerable to hackers.


          that dell should also be priced closer to $500 for its poor performance. it would be good for 480p video editing.

          the i7-6500u is one of the bad i7 processors, it only has two cores. its performance is worse than an i3 desktop cpu.

          the AMD Radeon R5 M335 graphics is terrible, perhaps worse than the intel graphics built into the intel cpu.


          gaming laptops from asus, msi and others have competitive prices with the fast hardware needed for video editing. you will want to look for a laptop with an i7-x7xxxx processor, a common new one is the i7-6700hq. these have 4 cores and are almost 2x as fast as the one in the dell you linked. you will want at least a gtx 965m for the video card. a gtx 970m will be better if you plan on using several gpu effects. the new gtx 1000 series graphics are already announced, like the gtx 1080m, but might be a month or more away.


          the newer i7-67xxxx laptops come with faster ram and usually new features like thunderbolt and/or m.2 storage. if you aren't worried about these options the last gen cpu's are very similar in performance but may be on close out prices. cpu's that start with i7-47xxxx or i7-57xxxx.


          there are lots of threads on laptops if you want to read thru some of them too Search: laptop - Hardware Forum

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            The other bad thing about the starting configuration of that Dell is a lousy 5400 rpm hard disk drive.  This day and age you want a minimum of one SSD drive.