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    RH/Captivate Video Player Issues


      We're having a few issues with our video content in Robohelp. (RH2015, videos were created in Cap 8, publishing to HTML5 output). The videos were created and imported by a coworker, and are intended to be viewed via drop-down text.


      1. Chrome will not display the video itself in the drop-down, only the link to open it in a new tab.


      2. IE WILL display the video in drop-down, BUT all the player controls are invisible. They're there and they function, because if you hover over where they should be a screen tip will appear and tell you what you're hovering over, and if you click it will pause/play/whatever. Why can't we see the actual icons?


      3. If you click the X on the player to close the video in the drop-down, it closes the help entirely. It does not do this if you're viewing the video in a new tab.


      Clearly the issue is with displaying videos as drop-down items. So, any hints or solutions would be appreciated, or at least any explanations as to why these things happen so I can rationalize it to my team.