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    cordova logo with no app after apk install


      I am very new to this.  I made a simple website basically using phonegap and built it with phonegap build.  when I install the apk on my phone I just get the "apache Cordova" robot and the blinking text that says "device is ready".  Nothing after that. it works with the phonegap android app, but thats just basically a web server that the app dials into and shows it a page.


      so I have a couple questions. 


      1.  Why is the apache cordova logo still there?


      2.  why isn't my content showing?

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          -trick Level 1

          also.  I did try to google this question first.  and every time I saw a link that looks like someone had a similar issue it linked to this adobe forum but once I clicked on the link it said it was deleted to moved... 

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            kerrishotts Adobe Community Professional

            What, exactly, did you upload to the PhoneGap Build service? Keep in mind that CLI projects are not directly compatible with PGB -- you have to make some changes to config.xml (paths as well as config.xml has to be relative to "www", not the project root).

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              -trick Level 1

              You are correct!  I had all sorts of problems.  the XML file was in need of changing.  My xml file was not in the www folder and when I uploaded the zip to build I uploaded the whole project zipped.


              so what I did was (in case anyone else was didn't read the instructions first...)

              • updated the xml file
              • moved the xml to the www folder
              • added <script src="phonegap.js"></script> to index.html
              • and only zipped and uploaded the www folder to phonegap build.