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    Phonegap Push Notifications When a Facebook Post is Made?


      So I am using a Wordpress plugin that scrapes all my facebook pages feed and posts it on my website, very responsive, quick and I am happy with it. Here is the plugin:




      I am building this app in Phonegap and want to make it so when the page owner (me) makes a facebook post- which then automatically posts to my website- then a push notification will go to all the app users using android, iOS and possibly Windows. I know I will have to set up a cronjob to maybe check for the post, but then what should I do to to send the push notification to users?


      I have checked out Parse.com but they are not offering support, also PushBots and OneSignal. I may be in over my head, I'm not the best developer but when I tried to hire a freelancer I spent 2 hours just trying to explain exactly what I need done, when it seems pretty simple to understand? I would love to hire a professional who can do this, also it's for a non-profit and they need it soon.


      Any recommendations on push notification service to use for this with PhoneGap or where to hire someone?