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    Lightroom Edit In function greyed out


      I use the Creative Cloud, and in the last couple of days the Lightroom function Edit In no longer works. By clicking the arrow next to it all the choices are greyed out.  A search here provided no concrete help! I saw the topic was discussed a year ago but could not see the full answers. In addition, all the choices are greyed out in my case, not just the Edit in Photoshop selection. Also, although I have been working intensely for 2 weeks on a particular folder (and just that one, my last import), when I move from the library to the developer module after selecting any photo, it says that the photo cannot be found. The photos are not greyed out, and this happens also when I specifically select the folder in question, instead of having LR open the files of the last import as default. I  tried any other folder and the same issues. Any suggestions? Yesterday Photoshop got updated and I had to re-load all the plug-in filters, a nightmare. I am relatively new to the Creative Cloud, just a few months. Is this going to happen with any major update?! Thank you!