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    CFChartSeries dataLabelStyle with multiple series




      I've seen this question asked before, but have not been able to find an answer. Running CF 10.


      When using cfchart with multiple series, the last cfChartSeries attribute dataLabelStyle seems to over-ride any previous series value. For example:

      <cfchart format="png" style="chartStyles.xml" showLegend="no" scaleFrom="0" scaleTo="100" title="Chart 1" chartHeight="300" chartWidth="400">

           <cfchartseries type="line" dataLabelStyle="none" >

                <cfchartdata item="Salamance Branch" value="50">

               <cfchartdata item="Olean Branch" value="50">

               <cfchartdata item="Thompsons Station Branch" value="50">

               <cfchartdata item="hermitage Branch" value="50">


           <cfchartseries type="bar" dataLabelStyle="value" >

               <cfchartdata item="Salamance Branch" value="#randRange(0,100)#">

               <cfchartdata item="Olean Branch" value="#randRange(0,100)#">

               <cfchartdata item="Thompsons Station Branch" value="#randRange(0,100)#">

               <cfchartdata item="hermitage Branch" value="#randRange(0,100)#">





      Both series will have value labels dispite the initial line series dataLabelStyle attribute of "none".


      Is there anyway to correct this? I'm using WebCharts for styling, but doesn't seem to offer a solution. Thanks!