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    Self-taught designer, trying to create a mobile ad that's 300px x 50px. I created it in InDesign but when I export and open to save for web in PhotoShop, ad is completely blurry. No idea how to resolve?


      I am a self-taught designer, so while I have ideas that work very well in print, I know very little about optimizing images for web and all the best practices for resizing images. So, I have a few questions:


      1. Is there a way for me to take my design from InDesign, which looks high quality, and export it in a resolution that's clear enough to give to my ad placement rep?

      2. For future web/mobile ads, should I start somewhere other than InDesign? InDesign is the program I work best in, but it seems like I always run into the issue of needing to size it down when it goes from InDesign to PhotoShop and then resulting in a blurry image.


      Any help is much appreciated. I've always operated as a fake-it-til-you-make-it designer, and when these things come up, I really start to remember that I'm self-taught.