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    Help with PC Build for After Effects (June 2016)

    Daniel_Peterson Level 1

      I need your help finalising a PC build.. primarily built for After Effects use.


      I have $4 - $6K AUD to spend and I'm stuck mainly between CPU's (and confused as about Motherboards, haha)... But primarily the choice lies between either the Skylake i7 6700K OR a recently released Broadwell-E i7 6850K (or 6900K (etc)).... What is the better solution for After Effects work regardless of price?


      I'm confused because the 6700K has faster single core speeds which I assume means that it will allow me to run After Effects slightly faster which is great, but the 6850K / 6900K has 6 / 8 cores BUT with slower single core speeds... which I assume will run Ae slightly slower, but render faster? My thoughts are that since 90% my time is spent actually working in After Effects (then rendering in downtime), I am leaning towards the 6700K... (if my core speed assumptions are correct)


      For either build I plan on buying 3xSSD's and 1x HDD (1x Intel 750 400GB OS, 1x 250GB SSD Ae Cache files, 1x 1TB SSD Current Projects, 1x 2TB HDD Stock media sfx etc)


      If you could max out either a 6700K with 64GB, or 6850K with 128GB what would you choose and why?


      Thanks for any help!