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    Any way to relink 50 images at once without matching filenames? i.e. overwriting existing links and just replacing with new ones?

    kphillips345 Level 1

      I wonder if this can be done with a script in InDesign. I am working in CC 2015 and am aware of the ability to Shift+select all of the links in my Links panel, then click the 'Relink' icon in order to relink all of them in succession. But that method still requires me to click on the specific link I want, 50 times, in order to link to those new images in the dialogue box that comes up.


      What I am working with is an InDesign file which has 50 different linked images, all of the same size. They are all small JPEGs arranged in a grid. I create a PDF of each sheet of 50. I need to make multiple sheets, and each of the 50 images is unique and should not be repeated, so the filenames are all unique, hence why InDesign cannot (and in this case should not) link to each one using the 'Search for Missing Links in This Folder' option. In order to make each sheet, currently I have to select each JPEG link in the link panel and manually relink it to a different, not-matching filename. This takes me quite a while.


      Is there a way to automate this so I could essentially select all 50 instances of links, and force InDesign to relink to 50 other, same-shaped and oriented files with non-matching filenames, in one fell swoop?


      Hope that makes sense. Until then I will be here clicking