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    Audio scrubbing delay once again in AE 2015.3!


      While holding down command key and scrubbing, my .wav audio takes a good 2-3 seconds to become audible as I'm scrubbing through timeline. This has been an issue for me over the last few updates and it's still not doing what it's supposed to. It's important for me to scrub audio as I'm timing things out. Having to wait 2-3 seconds after scrubbing to hear my audio is a huge disappointment.




      Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.25.30 AM.png

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That would be extremely frustrating. How does the num . audio preview work?

          For the scrubbing, you should probably file a bug report.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Seems to be working normally or me. Same OS, 15.3 from the other day, MacBook Pro R 15 - 2016, Mac Mini - 2011, Mac Pro 2008.

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              We seem to have found a solution. Experiencing the same issue. Does your audio playback work after AE has cached the frames you're previewing? Before, while caching/previewing, AE would skip the audio to keep it aligned with the timeline in the previous version. It would appear that maybe now they slow the audio to accomodate the not real time playback as it's caching.

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                Jbrown432 Level 1

                It's very random. It's scrubbing audio that is faulty. Try holding down the command or control key to scrub audio. Mine takes a few seconds or tries before audio can be heard. Very frustrating.

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                  MPindara Level 1

                  Yes. same issues here. One area of my timeline will scrub normally, but other I have the same issue as you, where it takes some time to load the audio chunk you're scrubbing over. Not sure on a fix for that. But my above mention of the slowed down playback might help, and using Numberpad "." might work some of the time. Frustrating in deed. I guess we all need to rend one of Rick's magic super computers.

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                    Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                    I spent some time investigating this problem yesterday and confirm that in certain situations, a delay can occur before audio is played when scrubbing with the command key held down.


                    Our developers will investigate further, but what I can tell you about the behavior right now is that it appears to be a new UI latency issue associated with the new audio playback architecture introduced in After Effects CC 2015.3 (13.8). In short: updating the user interface, such as the image in the Composition panel or the Current Time Indicator in the Timeline panel, can introduce unexpected latency in audio playback. The latency is dependent both on how many pixels need to be updated, and how fast you move the mouse to scrub.


                    This is a bug, and our apologies.


                    In the meantime, we found that the following can improve the audio scrubbing behavior to reduce or eliminate the delay:

                    • In Preferences > Audio Hardware, reduce the I/O Buffer Size value to 16. This reduces the latency. On Windows, if your audio device is a WDM device rather than ASIO, I/O Buffer Size setting is replaced by the Latency setting, which you can reduce to 30. (The cost of reducing the audio latency is more processing power required to flush and refill the audio buffer more frequently.)
                    • Disable updates to the Composition panel while scrubbing audio. You can do this by either pressing the Caps Lock key, or by holding down the Alt/Option key while scrubbing. (Holding Alt/Option dynamically toggles the state of the Live Update option in the Timeline panel's menu. You could also disable Live Update to get the same result, but then you would need to hold Alt/Option to see updates to the comp while you scrub.)
                    • Reduce the size of the Timeline and/or Composition panels. The larger these panels are, the more pixels will need updating, which increases the redraw churn that is causing the latency problem. Shrinking the vertical height of the Timeline panel has the most effect in this case.

                    Let us know if that helps. Again, our apologies about the bug.

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                      Jbrown432 Level 1

                      Thank you Tim for your time and for looking into this. I'm glad to know that it's something the Adobe team is aware of now. 

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                        John Data Level 1

                        Please forward this to somebody at the Adobe UI team... Please, before we tear our hair out.


                        Updating the UI seems to be a huge performance bottleneck in all CC apps, but particularly in AE.


                        You can verify this by scrubbing back and forth between some cached frames while activity monitor / task manager is open (have tested this on Mac and Windows).


                        First try it with the timeline panel taking up half the height of your screen, take note of the CPU usage (I've seen it eat an entire core just scrubbing through cached frames) and try to estimate the frame rate of the preview panel.


                        Then, shrink the timeline panel down so you can only just see the playhead. You'll notice CPU usage goes right down, and your preview framerate goes right up.


                        This is a clear indicator that simply redrawing the playhead and a few text values is causing performance to drop to unacceptable levels.

                        Which is a clear indicator that the Adobe Creative Cloud User Interface was not written with realtime performance as a priority, and badly needs optimising.


                        Is the entire panel really being redrawn every frame?

                        How could it possibly be so slow? What is going on in there?

                        Is each individual button running it's own VM or something?


                        And please don't give us the 'update your drivers' baloney. This has been an issue since CS4. I've verified this on several systems, most recently on a completely specced out Mac / 3.5gHZ i7 / 32GB / NVIDIA GTX 980 / SSD drive.


                        This really needs addressing as number one priority in my opinion. We don't want any new features, we just want the apps we pay £45 a month to use to not suck.


                        I know two professional motion graphics artists still running CS3 because it's the last version before "things went bad".


                        If realtime performance wasn't a problem, things like Affinity Designer wouldn't exist and people wouldn't be flocking to it.