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    What happened to the vectors category?

    MyTee Guy

      Am I missing something or did the "vectors" category disappear from Adobe Stock? I also don't see the category for just illustrations.  I hope it's something I can turn on because I don't want to search through 700 photos for a couple of vectors.  Especially since I noticed typing in "vector" in the search doesn't bring them all up.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          They have hidden it. I seriously hope Adobe reconsiders what they have done to the search. You can't even choose your file type from the home page any more.


          1: Go to Stock and enter a search term

          2: You will see 'All    Images    Videos' across the top in the middle of the screen

          3: Click on 'Images'

          4: Go back over to the search box and click on the audio sliders icon

          5: Choose your file type


          The fact that people have to post on a forum how to use a simple search should be a hint it is very poorly done.

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