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    Audio in After Effects 2015.3 Slows down


      When I put a clip in AE.3 the Audio slows down  when previewing the clip. Even when the clip is rendered the Audio is completely messed up!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We need the exact specifications of your .wav file and it would help to take a look at your composition settings and your timeline with the modified properties of the .wave layer revealed by pressing the u key twice. Audio is working fine and previewing fine for me so far.

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            Jbrown432 Level 1

            It's really any audio scrubbing. .wav is 48.000 kHz/24 bit/ stereo. Comp is almost always 24p. No modifications are done to the .wav layer in timeline. It's scrubbing that is lagging using the command key. Sometimes it will be audible and at times will take me scrubbing back and forth a few times before I hear anything. It's a workflow that hasn't changed for me in years. Something in AE has changed for this to be happening.

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              kevmath Level 1

              that's right! something in AE has changed for this to happen! I have tried many different video clips and the Audio is NOT working.

              Again Adobe puts out buggy Updates to there software and it will take  forever for them to correct it! I am seriously thinking about dropping Adobe period! I am forced to pay them monthly for software that they keep making improvements to that never work! they correct some problems and create bigger ones! Create as in Create big problems Cloud!

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This latest release (15.3) is working just fine for me and it's a lot better than CC 2015 or any other previous version as far as speed and productivity goes. It took me about a half hour to decide to move all of my current production to CC 2015.3. I never really and a problem with CC 2015 because I kept previous versions on my systems (as I have done for about 20 years) to protect my self.


                Do what you must but I have never not been able to make a deadline or make a living because Adobe released a buggy new build. Some releases have been annoying, but prudent update policies and managed workflow is all you need to stay productive. The CC suite is by far the best value for the sheer number tools that I use every day. You should see what I pay for Autodesk subscriptions, and the same struggles with buggy updates and dropped features plague their software as well. Do what you must but don't blame Adobe if you fouled up a working production system with an update and fouled up your system. The most time I have ever lost on an update of any software is about an hour which it takes for me to revert my system to a working version from a mirrored copy of my boot drive.

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                  kevmath Level 1

                  good for you Rick!! I hope you and your mac are happy. I know AE and I know how to set things up! so don't be so quick to judge people! Rick!, when a clip is fully rendered and nothing is done to the audio on my part the Audio should play normally. it does in the last version of AE it don't in this buggy update.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Did not mean to offend. I cannot make the audio slow down even on my least capable machine. I've tried. I saw your complaint so I tried on 3 different machines because I didn't want to get hung up in the middle of a project. I cannot get less than real time playback even with an HD comp at 59.94 and full resolution. Some system info and a detailed workflow description may help diagnose the problem. I get a little tired of ranting without supplying any useful information that could be used to track down a bug and smash it. It's not possible to beta test software on every possible combination of machine so if you have a bug submit a detailed bug report and maybe somebody can squash it. I'm in business to make money so if there was a software solution that would do what I do better for less money I would use it. I have no brand loyalty that extends beyond my bottom line.

                    Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.46.28 PM.png

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      One more thing, this build is far from perfect but it's so far it's the fastest and most capable version of AE that I've ever used. My productivity is up - but I still have CS6 through CC 2015.3 (CC 2015 removed) on my production machine just in case...

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                        kevmath Level 1

                        I still have the old versions of AE installed?  I will try to uninstall it to see if there is some sort of conflict happening and let you know. thanks for your input.

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                          DennisEngine Level 1

                          I have exactly the same issue, timing on audio has become pretty much impossible because of this. I only work on windows so perhaps it doesn't happen on a mac. It happened on several systems, all systems use PCI-E SSD's or SSD's in RAID 0:


                          Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

                          I7-4960x 32GB RAM

                          GTX Titan X


                          Windows 10 Pro

                          Dual x5690 48GB Ram

                          GTX 980ti


                          Windows 10 pro

                          Dual x5650 48GB RAM

                          GTX 580


                          Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

                          Dual e5-2670 64GB Ram

                          GTX Titan X



                          Windows 10

                          i7-6700 HQ 32GB

                          GTX 970M



                          The original file was a .m4a, I transcoded it to both a .wav and .mp3, same issue.


                          Some systems had multiple versions installed, some not.

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                            kevmath Level 1

                            yes I know hey! total crap to work with under these conditions! I don't know why Rick says there's no problem I have talked to many people and there are a lot that have the same problem. Maybe Rick has the only working copy!

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                              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Rick is using Mac and Windows 8. I have not tried windows 10 or computers that  barely meet the minimum system requirements. My machines are clean, up-to-date, and well-maintained.  Almost all of my projects use professional video formats – I do not mess with consumer cameras and  if I do get stuck with highly compressed footage I transcode it to a good and reliable "mezzanine" or DI format.  This release is far from perfect but it's better than any release in the last three or four years and I can work faster than I ever have.


                              If you want something done about the bugs that you find then you need to file a very detailed bug report. If your system and configuration is not working then there probably was no one on the beta team testing assist him with your exact configuration.  Whining does not get bugs fixed, detailed bug reports do.

                              Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                                kevmath Level 1

                                Rick your the most whiny person I have ever heard and I never asked you for your input,  MANY people are having this problem and you running off at the mouth don't help with your perfect world and your over the top production budget that looks like you use a smart phone to shoot video with. I have top of the line equipment and  I have used Adobe for many years but in the last two releases of AE there have been some very buggy releases that does not increase productivity but puts it to an almost stop. And it puts production in the toilet until it is fixed meaning we have to use earlier releases to get anything done Thank goodness that Adobe allows this.  And with all the feed back from other people in the field that use After Effects in there video production process I think you could hardly be telling the truth about the software, its to buggy to be increasing any work flow for anyone I'm tired of your arrogant know it all attitude and I think you owe me and the people on here an apology for your look at me I'm the only one that knows anything attitude!

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                                  kevmath Level 1

                                  P.S Rick filling out a bug report was my first step before coming to the forums to see what others are saying about this BUG. but I found an even larger Bug on here!

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                                    Experiencing the same issue. Following the exact same workflow with my studio that we have over the last 2 version of AE, and now sporadically during preview, the audio will slow, but the video preview plays back at normal frame rates. Just wanted to add in this is a real bug that occurred in the 2015.3 update.

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                                      MPindara Level 1

                                      We seem to have found a solution. Experiencing the same issue. Does your audio playback work after AE has cached the frames you're previewing? Before, while caching/previewing, AE would skip the audio to keep it aligned with the timeline in the previous version. It would appear that maybe now they slow the audio to accomodate the not real time playback as it's caching.



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                                        kevmath Level 1

                                        No the audio don't work even after the frames are cached. I just can't seem to find a solution so it has to be the software. I have tried the same on AE 2015 and 2014  and the audio when cached plays just fine. So the update to 2014.3 is the problem.

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                                          MPindara Level 1

                                          It's been annoying, but my current fix for the issue is to either check "Cache before playback", set the resolution to 3rd in the preview panel. or I'll just use Numberpad 0 and let it play the chunk i want, then stop it, and hit it again to play real time. I alway shave my range set to "work area"


                                          It's frustrating and not ideal, but this is definitely an issue that cam with the 2015.3 update.

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                                            marinac24087214 Level 1

                                            I'm experiencing the same issue since update!

                                            Any ideas?

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                                              kevmath Level 1

                                              yes its funny that Adobe don't do a little more hard core testing on there products before release, I have dead lines to meet and until they fix the new 2015.3, I have no choice but to use an earlier version. Messing around to get something to kind of work that already should work is not worth my time. Hope they fix it soon because it would actually be awesome to work with because of the GPU acceleration. Unfortunately the GPU is usually tied into the Audio on a computer, and I think that's where there problem lies.


                                              Until then I suggest everyone that has this problem fill out the bug report and hand it in to Adobe.


                                              Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                I'm not really cutting Adobe any slack here but think about the permeation and combination of all the possible computer configurations just counting Windows 10 and Mac OSX 10.11.5. That's a huge number. Now divide that by the total number of folks on the AE development team and the total number of beta testers. There is a fairly high likelihood that some system configurations are going to slip through the cracks. There are not enough posts on this problem for me to believe that every Windows 10 machine out there is experiencing this problem. I cannot reproduce this problem my one Windows 8 machine (to be fair - a Mac Pro running Windows 8 on BootCamp) and on my 3 Macs with the kind of productions assets that I use every day.


                                                I'll say it again... If you have problems file a detailed bug report and include as much information as you can. That's the only way to get this kind of bug tracked down and squashed. The squeaky wheel gets the grease but the whining child often gets ignored.

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                                                  DennisEngine Level 1

                                                  I think I've tested it on enough configurations by now to conclude that this bug is not simply limited to a really specific combination of hardware. I'm filing a bug report today, I just wanted to gather even more information.

                                                  About your earlier post, it's not really a great attitude to assume that everyone out there with some bugs have inferior and badly maintained systems, especially when these kinda problems didn't appear in the earlier releases of After Effects. And about whining: If a company decides to do not enough beta testing and actually releases a program that's pretty much in beta (which is really common these days) and toss it at people who have to work with it, then I think it's a valid reason to complain. I think you can actually do both, file a bug report and post about it, otherwise you'll never know if someone figured out a solution.

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                                                    kevmath Level 1

                                                    That is exactly it Dennis thank you for that input there are a lot of configurations of computer systems and yes there could be problems in that area as well but to say that people are whining because they have a problem with the software that didn't have problems before usually points to a software problem when upgrading to the newest versions. And I have used After Effects for many years and I would know if it was my doing or the hardware or if it was the software itself. And this is all software! Adobe used to take 2 years to release new versions of software because they were busy making sure the software worked properly before shipping. Now that the Creative Cloud has taken over they throw out updates left and right and then slowly fix the bugs once the people that rely on the software have beta tested it. This makes it hard to rely on there software, and I'm usually running a few updates behind because I can't afford the down time waiting for the product to do what it is suppose to.

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                                                      Same issue with us, on 5 separate Mac Pros, so no way it's a local issue when 5x $12,000 machines do the same thing. Doing music videos this is making it hard to stay in the tone of the piece when it goes from a happy song then slows down and the AE demon starts talking reeeaaal slooooow. I appreciate them trying to make the audio skipping during heavy ram previews more pleasant, but there's no way around it unless they went back to the old system of caching first, then playing through, but then you don't get to playback while it renders farther ahead in the timeline (they added a box for this in the preview pane).


                                                      Double edged sword either way. You can live preview and have audio jacked up while the video catches up, or wait for a render and have clean audio. There's not really a way to have both when you're doing high-end vfx.  I choose the latter since I need to have very fine-tuned syncing to music, so I checked the box that says "CACHE BEFORE PLAYBACK".

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                                                        Spacecat66 Level 1

                                                        Yeah, I thought the audio-stretching slowdowns were cute at first, but after three days of trying to get stuff done they're getting really annoying. It doesn't seem to be hardware related. Same thing is happening on both my Mac Pro at work as on my Windows 10 PC at home.

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                                                          I have been having a similar issue. Not sure if this is an official fix or not, but it worked for me. There is a setting in Preferences/Display called "Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels." It was checked off, as soon as I checked it on, I didn't really have any audio and video playback issues. I still need to render a preview before a completely proper playback, but before I wasn't able to get any smooth playback.

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                                                            This worked for me to some extent and I also cleared my cache and database cache.


                                                            Previously I had been able to preview my work in real time with audio but this release seemed to have slowed everything down including the aaaaaaauuuuuudddddiiioooooooohhhhhh oh oh o o o o......


                                                            So much it was becoming painful to come to work. Thanks for the tip.

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                                                              having the same problem, audio is completely messed up in playback. It's ridiculous.

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                                                                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                brandonh91349720 wrote:


                                                                having the same problem, audio is completely messed up in playback. It's ridiculous.

                                                                What, exact, version of AE are you using? There have been a number of changes since this thread was last updated.

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                                                                  Draceon Level 1

                                                                  So I have had a similar problem, but I'm not quite sure its as much of a bug as you think it is. So, the audio slows down when you're playing the video in the preview right? That is because you are rendering the video slower than it would play usually so it slows down audio as a result. Even once you've gone through a clip and basically rendered it in the preview, your graphics card still has stuff to do and you will never be able to get a flawless experience. Its just like how premiere won't give you a fluid video despite all the assets already being rendered and at your disposal. My suggestion is that you put down the resolution of your preview window to half, third, or quarter. Your GPU will render your scene much quicker and your playback (including the audio) won't have to slow down as a result. Half, or Quarter usually work best for me on my system.


                                                                  Windows 10

                                                                  Xeon E5-1650 0

                                                                  16gb DDR3 ECC RAM

                                                                  Gigabyte GTX 1070

                                                                  OS/Software: Kingston + Sandisk 256 gb SSDs

                                                                  Render Location: Seagate 230 gb HDD

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                                                                    Not sure if this is the issue or not but i've seen it happen and it's easy to overlook... if your audio isn't being stretched or compressed in some way I would double check the Preview panel... if you accidentally change the playback frame rate it will alter the audible audio playback speed. If your system and workflow hasn't changed and there is no modifications in the timeline I'd check this first.