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    CC 2015 (11.4.0) Crash with Object styles



      Since the last update, i have a lot of crash when trying to apply an object Style to text Bloc…

      (Specially with 2 columns text styles). Any ideas ?

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          Abhinav Kaushik Adobe Employee

          Hi Benjamin,

          Which OS platform are you using ?

          Does it happen with all the document and every object style that you use?

          Or is it specific to a particular document or a object style ?

          I have sent you a message regarding few details that we would need from you to replicate the issue at our end.




          InDesign Engineering Team

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            benjaminh35196974 Level 1

            Hi Abhinav,

            I am using el Capitan 10.11.5.

            No it is happening only with some Object styles (generally textblocks with 2 columns) but in multiple documents.

            Also happen when i try to change the number of columns in the text bloc options.

            It looks like it is related to the the text bloc options and maybe also with the type of workspace i work with.

            For example:

            - i want to modify a 1 column text bloc to a 2 columns text bloc

            - i press cmd+B type "2" then enter

            > CRASH


            But if i choose a Workspace with all my tools on my main display

            it looks like it is not happen


            Ok im checking my messages

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              elstinko Level 1

              I have the exact same problem. It is constant. I am unable to apply an object style without crashing.
              Mac Os 10.11.6

              Basically, I cannot edit my document and am stuck. The update before 2017 is what i am using and this is when all hell broke loose with my CC crashing constantly.