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    Creating preflight exceptions (for two-color mixes)


      I assemble origami books for publishers. They’re all very diagram intensive. To illustrate the various folds, the standard is to use red dash-gap-dot-gap-dash and blue dot-gap-dot lines. The lines used in these diagrams are usually .72pt. At 1pt, they look too thick for standard origami diagrams.


      I receive a pre-flight file from various publishers to ensure that the package fits their specs. One such regulation is for no complex colors under 1pt. They're concerned that multiple passes of ink may not register correctly for lines under 1pt. After many discussions with the publisher, we’ve decided to continue using the .72 pt lines, but it flags upward of 3,000 errors per book. In any given book, there may be hundreds of little red and blue lines. To compound the issue, transferring a diagram from Illustrator to InDesign is an imprecise function. InDesign often interprets the dashed lines as multiple separate lines.


      To make sure that no errors slip through, someone needs to manually check the 3,000-plus errors. Because the only instances in these books where we use less than 1pt lines made up of 2-color mixes are for these red (90 magenta, 90 yellow) and blue (100 cyan, 60 magenta) lines, I was wondering if exceptions can be introduced to the pre-flight settings? In particular, to these two color swatches.


      Or if perhaps I can take another approach?


      Thank you for your time!

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Are you copying from Illy to ID? I recommend Place-ing the Illy file instead. If you must copynpaste, make sure Illy is set to AICB instead of PDF, just to see if that helps the dotted line thing.


          You do know that you can edit any Preflight profile in order to make it do (or not do) what you want it to do? Click into the Panel Menu Button of the upper right corner of the Preflight Panel, and you can get in and edit the profile.

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            MNDonahue Level 1

            Hello Michael,


            Thank you for the response.


            Place-ing files limits the errors to 1 per diagram. The books generally have anywhere from 350 to 700 diagrams, so that would take a bit of work to separate them all into individual files. But at the end of the project, it would reduce the 3,000+ errors down to 350–700. So that's definitely more manageable.


            Copy-and-paste would be simpler, but unfortunately the AICB setting did not solve the dotted line issue. But I was unable to select the "Preserve path" option even with AICB selected. It could be a bug with the recent 2015.03 release. It looks like the radio boxes are interfering with the Cancel and OK boxes. I'll keep an eye out for fixes.


            Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.56.47 PM.png

            Regarding the Preflight options, the publishers/printers definitely want to keep the 1pt rule for complex colors. But from an aesthetic standpoint, 1pt lines way too heavy for the origami diagrams. So I was hoping there would be an option to ignore this rule only in instances where the lines are made up of the specified red or blue 2-color mixes.

            Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.02.14 PM.png


            Thanks again. It's very much appreciated!