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    Error importing Jpeg




      I'm trying to import .jpeg RGB (1920x1080) in a composition but After Effects 13.8 says that it is not possible to import ...

      It can only import become the jpeg into a psd.


      Someone is with this same problem?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I suspect there is something wrong in the jpeg compression. Try opening the file in Photoshop or another photo editor and just doing a save as and set the quality to high or best. If that fixes the problem your original jpeg was corrupted. It can happen quite easily with some editing apps or if the jpeg is highly compressed.


          If that doesn't fix the problem try importing this jpeg by right dragging the image to your desktop:


          Then just for fun and for a bit of an education on PPI, resolution and video open the jpeg in Photoshop and check the PPI, then import the jpg into a word doc or place it in Illustrator or on an In Design page to see how PPI effects the web, video and print projects. Let me know if you can find the image when you place it in a project designed to print.