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    w10m v.16 many issues

    lordtree123 Level 1

        1. Some lower buttons overlap and are covered by navigation bar. Specially while sharing and choosing to make public.  Same with the main options bar. It gets covered by the OS nav. Bar. See attachment pictures.
        2. Double tap to resize ("smart zoom") was more intuitive and more responsive to highlight and notes, it was supposed to be reinstated in the w10m ver. Following its release ver. Now it is very difficult to precisely highlight text and while words. It is jerky or unresponsive. The 8.1 ver. had the right balance of gestures vs. Navigation.
        3. Making notes while being able to look at text.
        4. Cloud does not have option to "keep you logged in", so one has to enter the username and password every time you have to use it.

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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi lordtree123,


          Could you please share the screen shot what you are experiencing on opening the File. As the navigation bar appears on the bottom of the pdf on launching it in the program & there is no way to remove that .

          Also you are expectation with the zoom settings for the application.

          For making notes while looking at documents you may use commenting options .

          The option for 'Keep you logged in' is not available now , you may fill the feature request form for the same :- Feature Request/Bug Report Form




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            lordtree123 Level 1

            Thanks for your interest on all for issues, let me elaborate a little more on them:

            1. Here is the shot of the screen with the nav.-Bar blocking the buttons.

            • And second the shot revealing the buttons previously hidden under the nav.-Bar.  The same happens with the “menu options” and the nav.-bar.

            2. Zooming on windows phone 8.1 version of the app had a built in feature called “ smart zoom”. It zoomed in and out by double taping the area you wanted in the center. It also zoomed text and image to fit in all the area of a small screen of a phone so you would have text from one end of the screen to the other, without having to scroll sideways for each line that you read. In a posting from a developer he assured that the feature was left out by mistake in the rewriting of the app for the w10m version but that it will be reinstated in following updates. None of the updates has done it. Please fix.
            2.a.  Highlighting and changing colors it’s highly unresponsive and jumpy. Please check Windows phone 8.1 version to match.

            3. The comment option doesn’t let you see the text as you comment. It is sometimes essential that one can scroll through the text in a separate window of the commenting.
            4. Already tried the bug report option but the OS or the version of the app is not an option in the drop down lists. Let's hope it gets through.

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