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    Day 6 of Trial... not even 1 output yet.

    jahni88 Level 1

      My vent:  Character animator will be amazing to produce with, once I figure out how to produce one from start to finish.  Super difficult for me at my newby-level, even after watching videos, both by the creators (who sometimes move too fast on key things) & other people on YouTube posts.   Its been 6 days, and I still do not have a single recording output. 


      I started super simple, so I could do one from start to finish.   My main difficulties are all with starting project, or opening a file "properly", and saving properly... such as being able to send the file as an email or to post on youtube.  Creating & animating the characters are easy, THANK YOU!    The file save, rendering...  I'm totally lost. 


      Here's my first question: Character animator creature is cropped, after importing it to After Effects.  Anyone have this issue?


      * Im also wondering if I did the import to AF, from CA properly:

      AF- I imported ONE .png file as well as the .wav file.  (I mimicked the creators path) 

      I still wonder if I did this correctly?  Does anyone know?