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    Some layers from photoshop import are blank squares [LOCKED - duplicate thread]

    FieldsBarnett Level 1

      Hey guys! I am new to After Effects and I have a big problem.


      I created a graphic in photoshop consisting of 1 layer with text on it, and 4 more layers each with a small white line. The image mode is set to RGB. So I save this in my computer, and go over to AE. Once there I import the psd as a composition which I see is called "Logo" (what I saved the psd as).  Below is has a drop down menu showing each of the layers. I would like to animate the layers individually so I select them all and drag them down into the timeline, but in the preview it shows all of my line layers as just white squares taking up the entire layer! The only layer that works as intended is the text layer, which shows the text and then the blank background. I have my AE background set to black if that matters. Oh, and the Logo composition that got imported looks as it should in the preview.


      Could you guys help me figure out what is going wrong?