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    Indesign Print Booklet sizing issues and Errors


      I finished creating my booklet in Indesign and am trying to now print the booklet using Indesign > Print Booklet to a Xerox 7775 with a light production finisher that folds and staples. I've tried just about every combination of settings it seems, but continue to have the same issues with page size on the paper. I am attempting to print on 11x17 double sided X2 which will fold to 8.5x11.


      -- (See attached photo)


      I have also tried to save the document as a PDF and printdirectly through Adobe Acrobat Pro but have the same issue or just receive a print error all together.

      ERROR: undefiner (COMMAND TYPE: nametype -- (See attached photo)


      Someone please help as I have this project due and been working on trying to get the combination of setting to work all day.


      Thank you in advance!

      Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.15.32 PM.pngIMG_3984.JPGIMG_3985.JPGIMG_3987.JPG