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    get variable from jsp

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      I have a banner on one web server (domain) and I want to retrive a variable
      from another web server (another domain) by using the LoadVars class (using
      Flash 7). When I test the banner in the programming mode I get the variable.
      But not when it is uploaded to the web server.

      The variable comes from a jsp-page and contains only a string like:

      Will the crossdomain.xml on the jsp-server fix this?. Is there something
      else that I should consider? Am I missing something here? Mind you, the
      banner works in programming mode and can retrive the variable from the
      jsp-server, so the AS-coding shouldn't be the problem here.

      According to the IT department, the firewall is configured correctly and
      allows connection from relevent IPs. However, they don't see any connecting
      attempts in their logs from the banner. Through which port does the swf

      Many thanks!