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    Can I use Adobe illustrator on my iPad?


      Look, I know what you're going to say.  "Yes, it's called Adobe Illustrator Draw," or possibly "No, Adobe Illustrator is for laptops only."


      Well, ya can't edit vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator Draw and I have no interest whatever in editing vector graphics on anything other than my iPad (That's why I bought this ding dang thing.)  There are a kajillion vector-graphics-editing software programs out there for the iPad too,... but where is the Adobe vector graphics editing software for iPad?  At the very least I would like to know how to export vector graphics (NOT any other kind of graphics!) from Adobe Illustrator Draw into another vector editing app, like Bez or Vector Touch or something (Though I can guess why Adobe prevents that.)

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi SammiShredd,


          At this point, the only way to export a vector file from Adobe Draw is to send work from Adobe Draw to Illustrator CC on the desktop.


          The product team does understand that people are looking for ways to export from Draw without having to send work to one of our desktop apps, and they are looking at how that might be incorporated into the app, but right now that capability does not exist.


          I'm sorry... I know it doesn't support the workflow you want to use.