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    Brush settings = premium?


      Hey all, i just got this app and when attempting to change the brush settings, i am greeted with a message that reads "Brush settings is a premium feature. It is available to free users for a limited time." could anyone clarify for how long this "Limited time" is, and how much it will cost me to get this 'premium feature'??


      Also, if this premium feature is later unlocked through a creative cloud subscription.... I am living off teacher&student edition. Now, it works with all desktop apps but I do not qualify to the Lightroom mobile license for a bizarre reason. Would that probably mean that id be locked out of this premium brush feature as well?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi JoBush,


          Right now, all the features and settings in Draw (including the brush settings, which you'll see if you tap on any of the brushes in the toolset) are available to everyone.


          At some point, some features will likely only be available by subscription but the team(s) have not decided what those features will be nor have they decided which subscription plans they'll be available to. We just wanted people to know the "types" of features that we might classify that way at some point. That said, I don't suspect we'd ever take them away from non-Creative Cloud subscribers without (extended) warning.


          About your Teacher/Student edition.... Is that Creative Suite? Or Creative Cloud?


          Hope that helps a bit.



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            jobush95 Level 1

            Thank you for claryfying that.


            As for my license, I am subscribed to Creative Cloud T&S through my institution, Savannah College of Art and Design. For whatever reason, I was not granted use to Lightroom for mobile.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi JoBush,


              Have you checked with the Creative Cloud administrator at SCAD to see why you don't have access to Lightroom for mobile? It seems an unusual omission (although I know they happen sometimes with Enterprise and Education plans), but I'm not entirely sure that it's something the Adobe Customer Care team could clear up for you.



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                Saphiro1 Level 1

                i downloaded the app recently, i like it a lot (can't disable finger input tho and palm rejection is not so good, leaves marks from time to time or when i try to move the canvas i draw lines instead of moving it around...) but if it's going to be subscription only i prefer not using it, there are free or 1 time payment options that are as good or better, could you confirm me if it's going to be subscription only?  (to stop wasting my time with it right now) i don't really care if you integrated it with 12348325492384093 other programs you have, i don't really think ill use any of the other programs that often and i just want to use that one app (adobe sketch), so paying 20$ or more a month is overkill

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