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    Horizontal offset lag with Wacom creative stylus 2

    Amaterasu555 Level 1

      when I am using Adobe draw with Wacom creative stylus 2, there is a horizontal offset from where the tip of the stylus is and where the drawing is actually happening. Anybody experiencing the same issue? How do I fix thief? Both the app and the pen is updated to the latest version. This offset is not there in other apps like procreate.

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          darenwoodward Level 2

          The problem is with the Wacom Creative Stylus 2. I bought one back when it first came out, and the bottom line is that it simply doesn't work. The Wacom site will give you all kinds of advice about how to "calibrate" it, but it's nonsense. It was designed and released just before Apple changed the screen technology on the iPad, beginning with the Pad 2. (Although I tried it on an iPad 1 and it didn't work much better)


          Despite the humongous nib, the WCS 1 works much better, you can probably get one for 20 bucks online at this point.  I used that right up until I upgraded to the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, which is light years beyond the Wacom styli.

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