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    Arrow keys not working in ADE??



      I have just installed Adobe Digital Editions, and the arrow keys are not working at all. In other words, when I press the down, up, left or right arrow keys, nothing happens - no scrolling at all. I tried scrolling on a PDF e-book and a sample e-book, with the same result. This makes reading an e-book very difficult.

      What can I do to make my arrow keys work?

      Thanks very much.

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          This seems to be an ongoing issue. I never had this problem on my Windows 7 PC, but now on Windows 10 using ADE version 4.5.3 162045 the arrow keys won't navigate through pages.


          I've read questions about this issue dating back to version 1.5 in 2008. Why hasn't this been fixed in all these years and all these versions?

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            ellemef Level 1

            I just installed Digital Editions to review a book before publication. But the arrow keys for navigation don't work. I can swipe to change pages, but it only goes backwards, not forwards. Looks like this is a very old issue - why hasn't it been addressed?


            (Mac OS X 10.12.3, Digital Editions

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              brookie_joe Level 1

              Having this issue too! What the heck?!? Fix this Adobe!!!

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                Yep, same here.  Page up and down and mouse wheel seem to work OK, but arrow keys leave ADE unresponsive and then then jumping to the last page.  Poor show, and glad I'm only looking at a library book; I'd be pretty annoyed if I'd had to pay for the book or the software. 


                A welcome reminder to avoid Adobe and anything reliant on it! 

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                  ceh279836 Level 1

                  Had the same issue on my previous touch-screen PC in the fall of 2016.  Eventually got an actual mouse (hadn't used one in years) and that helped, but was still a pain as I don't use them for anything else and it was not user friendly for comfortable reading.  I just got a new 2 in 1 and downloaded ADE to access the previous book and see that this is still a problem, not just for me, but that it hasn't yet been addressed from a post over 6 months ago.  Also, I can't scroll using the touch screen either.  I really am only able to move through the pages by using the scroll bar or using an actual mouse.  Perhaps there is a setting issue, but I would expect some suggestion from Adobe by now.  Also, I thought maybe this was just an issue for PC, but see that it has also been an issue for Mac.  I would prefer to use ADE, but unless this issue is addressed and resolved, future book purchases will not be ADE.  Adobe, please help.

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                    Enable Windows 7 compatibility option in explorer. Then arrow keys will work.