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    Problem opening the new Adobe After Effects 2015.3

    marinaf58898870 Level 1

      Hi! i am not sure which is the error in english but right now i am having a big problem.


      After updating the After Effects to the new version (i have not deleted the old one) i get and error when the AE opens, i could see the interface but after that i get the error:


      Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3 dejó de funcionar (stop working)


      ''El programa dejó de funcionar correctamente por un problema. Windows cerrará el programa y le notificará si existe una solución.''


      (The software stop working properly for a problem. Windows will close the software and will notify if there is any solution.)



      Windows 10.

      Software in english, SO in spanish.

      Not extensions or plugins installed (i guess because i think they are all in the previous version, not in this one)

      i have already reinstalled the software

      Premiere new version works properly



      32gb of ram

      70gb of space in SSD

      I7 3.4ghz OC at 4ghz