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    Moving Metadata to another drive




      I use Lightroom 5 on my MacBook and my photos are stored on an external hard drive.

      I've recently had a failure of my external drive and it became read only. I was able to copy my photos folder to a new external drive but NOT via Lightroom (it would not work).

      I can view my photos via Lightroom but non of my Metadata is there so all my photos are back to the RAW files before I edited them.

      How can get the Metadata from my MacBook to match the photos on the new external drive?

      All the photos have the same files names etc.

      Many thanks


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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Moving/copying the huge number of images files is best done outside of lightroom.

          After you do the move/copy, go into the LR Library module, Folders panel.

          Select the top-most folder you moved, do the mac-equivalent of right-click "find missing" or "relocate folder".


          If you did the wrong thing of importing the images a second time, go back to a previous backup of the catalog and do the above.

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