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    Cannot merge .dng metadata to .nef


      Help please. I'm sure this is simple and I'm just not getting it.


      I sent .nef files for edit. Editor returned .dng files. How do I merge the metadata to .nef so I can see the edits. LR 6

      Grateful for your help and thanks in advance

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Need lots more details here.

          What do you mean by "sent files for editing"?

          Do the returned DNG files actually contain any editing metadata?

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            itsthedimples Level 1

            I shoot .nef photos, sent them for post processing. Normally my editor returns lrcat files, all I need to do is import the .lrcat into LR, which automatically says file missing, I point it in the right folder/directory and the metadata is merged.

            This time editor returned .dng files, when I pointed it to the .nef files LR does not copy the metadata over cause it's different file type.

            Hope this is clear. I have 1000 wedding photos to work on.

            Thanks for your time.


            Ronnie Izon

            Ronnie Bliss Studios


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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              DNGs are distinct raw files from the NEFs, so in general you'd import the DNGs and ignore the corresponding NEFs, now.


              Your editor should have sent an LRCAT that referenced your NEFs, still.  If they didn't then they messed up or you left it up to them what to do and they did something different this time  Sending a catalog is MUCH smaller than sending the raw files + settings which is what DNGs are.


              There isn't a normal way to do what you want, transfer settings from one set of raw files to another.  I don't have any experience with it, so you might want to message the plug-in author, but it's possible that the Syncomatic Plug-in will work, although it seems more about raw vs JPGs not DNG-raw vs native-raw, so I'm not sure:  Syncomatic – John Beardsworth