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    Adobe Lightroom 6 - does not properly export all images!I


      After editing my raw files, I export to JPEG as usual.


      However Lightroom 6 is not exporting all of my images And comes up with a notice stating that some files were not exported.


      so I have to now go back, filter to show the ones not exported and I have to do a second export. But this means i have to rearrange and re-label these photos as they do not fit the sequence of my already exported images.


      So this fault is completely affecting my workflow as I am wasting a lot of time trying to sort out the rubbish bug in Lightroom 6.


      I would appreciate if you can fix this or provide me with a working version of Lightroom 6.


      im not too happy at the moment, Lightroom 5 never had this problem and I feel quite let down.


      please msg back with a fix