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    Problem with starting lightroom


      Hey! I have problems when I want to start lightroom , At each startup a window opens that says " Lighroom encountered an error while reading from the preview cache and needs to close , Lightroom will try to solve this problem at the next startup" Do rebooting to lightroom more times , Installed on the whole lightroom and even Creative Cloud . The same box will pop up every time , using the PC

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          You have a corrupted preview cache.

          Using Windows Explorer, go to the folder containing your Lightroom catalog, and delete the folder named

          [your catalog name] Previews.lrdata.

          Do not delete anything else. Now launch Lightroom.

          Click All photographs in the Catalog panel, press Ctrl+A (select all), then go to Library > Previews > Build Standard-sized previews.

          This could take a long time, you might want to do it overnight.



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            Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

            In the folder where your LR Catalog is, there is a folder named the same as your Catalog with the addition of .ldata after the name, delete this folder or rename it, and ONLY this one, then restart LR again and all should be fine.


            LR will recreate the previews as and when needed, it will take a while to do but should sort your problem.


            Good luck,

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