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    i7 6850K PC Build

    Daniel_Peterson Level 1

      I posted about this in the Ae forum but realised I should ask on this forum as well...(Was choosing between the 6700K and the 6850K and decided to work out a build around the 6850K (due to the render time performance increase and potential benefits with 3D apps).


      I'll mostly be using After Effects (most of my work is motion graphics) and Premiere Pro... also some 3D with Cinema 4D lite, Blender and VideoCopilot Element 3D (Blender and Element both can use GPU though).


      So this is the potential build with the 6850K...

      Core i7-6850K 3.6GHz 6-Core, GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB, 760T Black ATX Full Tower - 6850K Build with 4K Monitor - DSalt's S…

      After reading other posts I'm using the standard 850 EVO SSD for the OS and the 950proM.2 for all active project files and cache files.


      I've been doing a lot of research but this is my first dive into PC land (coming from Mac)... does this all look like good options and correct?

      (Side Note: One thing I noticed with other people 6850K builds is they seem to be using much faster RAM like 3000, but the recommended RAM is 2400... I don't understand that part)


      Thanks for any thoughts!

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          if you don't need the 40 lanes on the i7-6850k, the i7-6800k 28 lane version can save you some money.

          the 40 lanes split to x8/x16/x8 vs the 28 lanes to x8/x8/x8. both offer 3 slots total. the motherboard manual will show more info.


          these new broadwell-e cpu's also run pretty hot and don't overclock as high as haswell-e. if you are going for a max overclock or just really prefer liquid, check out the bigger h110i. i think it will still fit in the case you picked. otherwise if you are only going medium overclock you might want to go air like the noctua d15 or d15s. air coolers like the noctua can be quieter and won't have pumps that fail or leak.


          2400mhz is the official max supported speed by the intel cpu. the x99 motherboard and these "k" series processors support overclocking, including overclocked memory speeds. around 3000mhz is where prices start to get more expensive for higher speeds, so its common to see 2800-3200 mhz in builds. the faster memory will help transfer data to the gpu faster, which can help speed up premiere some.

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            Daniel_Peterson Level 1

            Thanks for the reply! I wasn't going to do much over clocking simply

            because I don't quite understand it enough and don't want to ruin

            anything... I may try a small over clock. I was thinking the 6850K mainly

            because it has a higher base of 3.6GHz... Will that make a big difference

            in performance compared to the 6800K?


            Is the RAM speed dependent on the CPU over clock? Or are they seperate

            things controlled by the motherboard? Just not sure how to work out what

            speed ram is best.

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              when you overclock you are going to set higher frequencies and both chips may top around 4.2-4.4ghz on average. if there was an advantage to the 6850k from being a binned chip, then it still might only overclock by .1 or .2 ghz more. that's around 5% or less performance difference, but around 40% price increase.


              ram will have its own separate settings from the cpu overclock. when you buy memory rated for a higher speed, say 2800mhz, it will normally use XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) to over-ride the default 2400mhz and configure all the memory settings for what that 2800mhz ram needs.


              if you are new to overclocking, you may want to look into the asus utilities. they have one that will run as a windows program and will auto overclock the system from windows. you can even set the program to specify a target cpu ghz, voltage, or temperature you want it to stop at.

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                Daniel_Peterson Level 1

                Ok thanks I'll look into those things more, makes sense.


                Just curious then... Seeing as the 6700K is a faster chip, would you get

                that one instead of the 6800K seeing as After Effects is primarily single

                core based and Blender and Element 3D are GPU rendered... (money is not

                really an issue between these CPUs). Only benefit I can really see now with

                the more cores is for a slightly faster render time in premiere? Plus

                possibly more RAM. It seems like the cheaper 6700K is almost the better

                option still?

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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  the 4 core 6700k is only faster in single threaded situations. the 6 core 6800k and 6850k are around 15-25% faster in multi-threaded situations, depending on the overclock. the x99 platform also has more features, including quad channel memory and the ability to upgrade the cpu to higher core count i7 or xeon cpu's.


                  whenever they fix ae it should be multi-threaded like premiere, so eventually the x99 system investment should pay off for AE. i think some people are using older versions of ae, at least for rendering, to have multiprocessing (multi frame rendering) use more cores.

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                    yoRR-nl Level 1

                    How did your system choice ended up?


                    I recently ordered this system:


                    6800K (gonne give it a small oc to 4ghz

                    32gb 2400 DDR4

                    950 pro 512gb M2 ssd

                    850 1tb SSD

                    gtx 1070GTX for the fast cuda's en fun in free time


                    I am going to keep the 950 512gb for OS and programs and maybe a part for scratch. With 32GB of memory i hope Photoshop will use it and keep the scratch aside.


                    Main tools for me: Photoshop (very large files where i need to paint in) and some more complex vector drawings with illustrator. For fun projects i play in Cinema4D and after effects.

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                      milkmade Level 1



                      I recommend not using the 950 pro for boot. Use the another SSD for boot, and use the 950 pro for ALL your Premiere folders.

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                        That is also my recommendations.  My buddy Harm (before he past away} tried the 950 Pro as the boot drive and he never got the CPU performance that I got with with just a SATA III 850 Pro for booting.

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                          Daniel_Peterson Level 1

                          I ended up with...


                          6900K (for Blender and some other software I use multi-threading is a benefit)

                          32GB 2400 DDR

                          Intel 750 Series 400GB PCI-Express SSD (boot)

                          Samsung 950 Pro 512GB (active projects)

                          GTX 980ti (some apps didn't support the 1080 when I purchased this)


                          So far I'm loving it, cuts and renders everything I need super fast... a massive step up from my last workstation (MacbookPro)

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                            jmichelli Level 1

                            Hi milkmade, been following this thread in anticipation of my future  build, picking my parts etc. and was wondering if you would consider elaborating on this comment, why would you have another/different  SSD as the boot drive instead of a faster 950 pro M.2 drive? Thanks in advance...

                            Previously followed Harm's advice for my first NLE build back in 2010 and it is stll chugging along! Really miss that man's presence.

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                              RjL190365 Level 5

                              I'm not 'milkmade', but it has been known that boot/OS drives cannot take anywhere near full advantage of such blazing fast m.2 NVMe SSDs because boot operations rely mostly on random reads and writes. Sequential reads and writes only matter for boot disks if such speeds are excruciatingly slow (I.e. less than 50 MB/second).

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