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    Reducing size side panels


      Hi , ive been a user of lightroom for some years now , got pretty used and hooked to it.




      I recently moved from a 17" laptop to a 13" macbook , and even though im really pleased by apple's retina display , it's quite crowded for lightroom.
      It's really hard to have a good look at the pictures. I'm using a full screen shortcut on my mouse the entire time but still i find myself peeping at the screen very often resulting in back pain :/


      Is there any way to reduce the font size / side panels and everything to a much smaller than the 'standard small' found in the preferences menu ? 
      And whats the small flourish endmarks by the way ?
      I can't drag the windows to be an smaller , but surely the must be a way to have smaller texts and sidebars ? This is taking half my screen space :/ 


      I use a second monitor when i'm at home , but that's not often the case so got to make the best of what i got


      thanks already !



      Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 21.14.21.png