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        Monica Singh Adobe Employee

        Hi Timo,


        This is an Adobe Created Asset for marketing purposes. I am sure you cannot get a tutorial to learn how it is created.

        Just for information, the video and image effect on page 3, has some button actions crafted together to display the entire thing. The word video and the thumbnail images are buttons and the center images are the targets which shows/hide as the button is clicked.


        You can try some tutorials on button/effects and animation. That will give you better sense on how can you craft such workflow.



        Monica Singh

        InDesign Team

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          EoinWinston Level 1

          Hi - just came across this old thread.


          I am having major trouble with inconsistent results with animations when I export as an EPUB3 from InDesign CC 2018 to iBooks (viewed on iPad).


          It would be great to be able to test an EPUB version of FiveDaysFromNowhere. Is that available anywhere??