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    Adobe After Effects: Layer Control isses



      As you can see in the the screen grab, my version of After Effects ( shows the visual layer control properties of all of my layers at the same time. Is there a way that I can set it so that that only the handles or motion paths of a selected layer are shown instead of everything all at once? It gets pretty annoying trying to maneuver layers that are so close to each other when the boundary boxes and handles are pretty much placed on top of each other.





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First - update. You're way behind.


          Second I can only guess that you are looking at a single shape layer with multiple shapes in the layer. Screenshots that don't show the modified properties of the layers giving you problems are almost useless.


          If that is the case you can get to the individual shape layers by double clicking on one of the shapes in the Composition Panel. If you want accuracy you should be adjusting the position of each rectangle by selecting the shape layer and pressing the U key twice to reveal all modified properties. Now go down to the Rectangle 1 >Transform Rectangle 1 > Position properties and use the numbers to move them around by clicking and dragging. You can also select the layers individually by selecting the appropriate Rectangle (3 in this case) and then dragging them around.

          select Shape.png

          If that is not the problem let us know.

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            ubau155552 Level 1

            Sorry for the limited photo before. I will look into updating, but as for my composition, I created separate rectangle layers and then placed them together into a lower third news ticker format. My problem is that the layer control property grids for all layers are showing at the same time. I only want the grids for selected layer(s) to show on the top composition viewer screen.


            Here are some better photos:


            Thanks again,



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Your layers show Contents so they must be rectangles created with the shape tools. What happens if you solo a layer? The white layer at the bottom could be that big or it could be including a motion path.  What happens if you grab the selected layer in the middle of the composition panel and move it? if all layers move then something weird is going on that I can't see in the timeline.


              I'd drill down to the shapes - the rectangles in the contents and select them there. Personally I would have made all 4 bars on the same shape layer.