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    Adobe Flash for Firefox not installing on Windows 10 - Blank installer


      Hi All, I will just run through the process I have attempted as syntactically as I can...


      - Firefox warns me that the Flash plugin is out of date and has chosen not to load it as a result


      - I head to the Adobe website and download the newest version (File size is said to be 20.11Mb, for 'Windows 64-bit , English , Firefox')


      - File that is downloaded is just 1.1Mb and is a binary file, but still seen as a.exe by windows explorer. (flashplayer22_xa_install.exe, from https://admdownload.adobe.com)


      - I run the executable as Administrator (Right Click, Run As)


      - I am presented with a Adobe Download Manager window but its blank inside (just white).


      - If i close the window, a webpage loads in Internet Explorer (Not Edge for some reason), presumably as a test, but it doesn't work properly. (Site is - get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ )


      - Also the 1.1Mb .exe file is deleted from my downloads (no idea why, I then have to go back through the website process and download choice if I want to try again)


      I wanted to find a straight forward .exe that would just install the program rather than going through the downloader but that apparently doesn't exist.