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    Adobe Apps lists as "uninstalled" although they are indeed installed - will they still update?


      Hello all,


      This might be becuase I have two Adobe - IDs. One for my work (the entire suite) and one for my private use ("Photographer"-suite; Photoshop and Lightroom).


      My concern is this: since Creative Cloud Desktop doesn't know what I have installed it might not auto-update as it should.


      This is how it looks: although I have both Lightroom and Photoshop installed, Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop insists that I should Install them. This is how the window looks when loged with my work credentials (note: I have Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere installed):

      Screenshot 2016-06-25 22.54.25.png


      And this is when I'm loged in with my private e-mail:

      Screenshot 2016-06-25 23.02.00.png


      Note that none of the "users" could detect my existing Lightroom and Photoshop. But one could detect the Premiere-app. And both of them spotted the Media Encoder for whatever reason.


      So my question is; is there anyway I can fix this without uninstalling/re-installing Lightroom / Photoshop? (I don't want to since I have set tons of preferences and presets in Lightroom that I don't want to loose, and similarly in Photoshop).


      Thanks in advance!