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    Regular colleCollections Disappeared


      Today when I opened my LR 5.7, I couldn't find my two Collections I recenttly made after sorting through over 2,000 image files and picking out the best 70. The only Collections that shows in Library were Quick &Smart Collections. I backed up my Cat. on my EHDrive. I noticed, too, that my YR 16 photos no longer show up in my main Folder. Seems like LR reverted back to some weeks ago. Is it possible to retrieve my Collections? I can always re-import my Yr 16 photos. Thanks much for any suggestions or explanations you might have.




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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Con,


          Is it possible you've opened Lightroom with a different, older catalog? The missing folder and collections, and the fact that you feel like it's reverted to an older view seem to indicate you may have switched to an older catalog.


          In Lightroom, look at the menu choice "File > Open Recent >" and see if you see your newer catalog listed there.


          If you know the name and/or location of your catalog file (the file name ends in ..lrcat) you can search for it using your system's file browser, and you can launch Lightroom with that catalog by double clicking the .lrcat file.



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            conn8519387 Level 1

            Thanks very much, Mike, for giving me the right answer to my problem. I feared I'd lost my collections permanently. But all it took were your simple directions and choosing a different catalog to get back on track.