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    InDesign index stops filling halfway through "A"


      An InDesign CC document, using a Mac. (I've made sure both are up to date since described problem started.)


      I have several thousand index markers, including some under every letter except "X" and "Z".

      I can see all the entries in the Index Window, and all the references appear to be correct.


      When I generate the Index, it takes 20-30 seconds before I can place the text - so long enough that I think it is seeing the whole index.


      But when I start to place it, it only flows to halfway through the letter "A" entries - and then nothing.


      I am basically a novice to both Mac and InDesign, but I indexed one other document 2 months ago and it went very smoothly.


      I've tried adjusting every option in the Generate Index window, and double checked  the text wasn't hiding somewhere.


      Any ideas? Please HELP!