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    Selection tool bug


      Just upgraded to 2015.2 and now every time I use the selection tool to select a specific frame in the timeline, the selection tool gets this rectangle icon below it. and clicking that specific frame selects everything from that layer.


      I tried holding control and it allows me to select a single frame, but seriously, I don't want to get used to doing that. how do I fix this?
      Is this available anywhere in the options? it's currently slowing down my workflow to near irritation. Thanks in advance.


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          vipervgames Level 1

          Ok after further testing, everything in the timeline controls have changed like dragging and using shift and ctrl buttons. Is there anyway to go back to previous version? This sudden change is quite dumb. who would always want to select all the frames in a layer all the time?

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            Mohanaraj Adobe Employee


            Looks like you have turned ON span based selection option in Timeline panel options menu. Please turn off by

            - Click on Timeline panel options menu (available on top right corner of Timeline panel)

            - Select Span Based Selection menu to go back to frame based selection mode


            PS: this is not a change in the latest release. This is turned off by default like it used to be in the previous releases.




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              vipervgames Level 1

              you are correct. i'm glad it is working as intended now. I have no idea or ever remember toggling that option, tho. thank you.