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    Beginner Question - if else statement


      I know noting about JavaScript.  I have created a form.  One field is is titled "Parking" and the user can select from a drop-down either "Couple" or "Single".


      The next field is titled "Fee".  I need that field to auto fill.


      If Parking = Couple, then Fee = $150.00

      Else Fee = $125.00


      I hope my thinking is correct.  If the user selects Couple in the Parking drop-down the Fee field will automatically fill to $150.00.  If Couple is not selected (that is Single would be) then Fee will be filled with $125.00.


      What is the right adobe javascript to add in the field properties for the field "Fee".


      Thank you for your help with this.  As you can see, I am a complete novice at this.