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    lightroom CC keep updating LR 5.6 cat in loop


      Hi everyone,


      here's the issue, I finally decided to go to LR CC, install went fine but as soon as I launch it, it asks me to update the catalog for LR CC, when I click update it seems to go well and finish.. but then nothing, the window closes and that's it

      if I try to reopen LR I get the same dialog box to update to lightroom catalog-3.lrcat (4 5 6 7 and so on) but still not launching LR

      I tried to create a new catalog but still no sign of LR showing once it's created, and if I select "selection another catalog" from the dialog box and pick the fresh new one created, well nothing happen..


      really a bummer I'm really getting disapointed by CC from day 1..

      so if anyone got a fix I'm a taker, thanks a lot!