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    Photoshop to inDesign dilemma: when background is transparent, quality is not nice at all


      I want to have handwriting in my indesign document and it has all worked out: I scanned the handwritten text, made the background transparent using "colour range" in Photoshop and then placed the file into inDesign, keeping the transparency. However, in inDesign the quality of the image is significantly worse then in photoshop and as a result, the text becomes almost unreadable.


      I have tried using all sorts of other formats, other than psd: tif, png, and pdf (the last of which does not seem to preserve transparency). I noticed something: the tif file without transparent background (and therefore white background) kept the quality of the image, while a tif file saved with transparency has a bad quality when imported into inDesign. Therefore, I draw the conclusion that the decrease in quality has less to do with the file format and rather with the transparent background?


      (By the way, I thought that using "image trace" in illustrator would make the text nicer, so it could handle the quality decrease, but the tracing is not accurate enough to make the smaller text readable.)


      I would very much appreciate a response! Even if it's a detour or maybe something I haven't thought about (for instance: does the way I made the background transparent change anything? Colour settings?).  Important is: that the background is transparent and that the quality is good in indesign.


      (x I'm viewing in the highest quality

      x both my indesign and my photoshop files have 300 ppi (and my original scan had 600 ppi)

      x I'm working in CMYK for print

      x the quality in photoshop is just fine)


      Thanks thanks