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    Panel layout in workspace


      Hi everyone !


      I'm a huge fan of scripts and as I'm using the same ones all over again, I like having them in my working layout/workspace.

      Everything's fine with that, except that each time I'm organising them to have the specific position and size I want in my workspace, after a relaunch of After Effects, the're still there, but the size of each panel has changed, it has been collapsed and I have to re-open them every single time I'm using After Effects, (so, possibly 5-6 times a day, for the 5 past years).


      Is there anything to do to keep the working space the user chooses or I'm I cursed to repeat that until the end of time ?


      Thanks for your help !

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you saving custom workspaces? If you created the UI panels did you define the size? I use the standard workspaces plus 3 custom workspaces I have saved on almost every project. I have several custom scripts that you find by going to the Windows menu that I work with and they seem to stay exactly where I put because of how the scripts are written. Floating scripts with UI panels that are accessed from the File>Scripts menu do not have the proper scripting to allow them to act as panels so if you need to resize those I expect that they will have to be resized when relaunch AE.

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            AlexandreT Level 1

            Thanks Rick ! The issue comes indeed from the Scripts' UI panels, they are the ones to change size at each relaunch. At least I know for sure this is normal and has to be dealt with.