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    Pseudo effect & Animation preset

    Darkpulse Motion Design



      I've some troubles to get my "pseudo effect" working well. I've created a custom controller through the PresetEffects.xml, load it into a shape layer, make some expressions related to this pseudo effect, then save all into a .ffx file.


      When I tried to import the animation preset on another computer (who don't have the pseudo effect into the .xml file), Ae crash...I also tried to open a project file who contain this pseudo effect into another computer and all works fine, this only when I tried to load the animation preset in a new project.

      I don't know if this is an issue from the latest Ae release or this is because I'm making something wrong.




      Config (for both machine) : Ae 13.8 & OSX 10.11



      Thanks for your help.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are using scripting to create a custom UI for an animation preset then you have to install all of the package you created on the new machine. You also need to be careful with versions you are using to create your custom UI or your animation presets. You cannot create an animation preset in CC 2015.3 and have it work in CC 2014. They will usually work the other way around but never backwards.

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            Darkpulse Motion Design Level 1

            Yes I already know about no retro-compatibilities.

            I'm not using scripting to create a custom UI, I'm just editing the PresetEffects.xml file. I know .ffx files can contains some custom controllers because I already do that in the past and some people are giving some animation presets who actually work with pseudo effects inside.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You'll have to copy or send the edited xml file to the new machines or package the entire deal in a jsxb file you can load in the Scripts-UI folder.

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                Darkpulse Motion Design Level 1

                I think we're not talking about the same thing. I'm talking about "pseudo effects" inside animation presets, not scripts...If you download this preset for example, you can use only the .ffx file who contains customs controllers. (Ok there is a pop-up about the missing effect but this come only because the matchname doesn't begin by "Pseudo/"). The preset works well and you don't have to update your PresetEffects.xml to use it.


                Looks like since version 13.8 making this kind of animation presets doesn't work (or I'm doing something wrong).

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                  Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional

                  You might need to reach out to someone at Motion Cafe about this one.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I took a look at your animation preset and sure enough when I opened it I got a warning about a missing effect. Without doing anything I revealed the important parts of the effect like this and saved a new animation preset:

                    animation Preset.png

                    The new animation preset is here: Dropbox - Crazy Rectangle.ffx https://www.dropbox.com/s/5erbue4ldvpu3pm/Crazy%20Rectangle.ffx?dl=0


                    This one does not throw an error. I have found that if you spin down a bunch of isolated properties and select them as your preset then sometimes you get some weird things happening. Renamed expression controls or other effects are often fouled up and expressions can get broken. Try giving the Crazy Rectangle.ffx a try and try this method of saving a new animation preset to see if the problem goes away.


                    When I chose this way to save the animation preset I got the same error:



                    I hope this helps.


                    Very clever by the way. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out what you were doing. Here's one from me. See if you like it: It's part of my 2D animation collection.

                    Dropbox - flyInBounceDropOut.ffx

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                      Darkpulse Motion Design Level 1

                      Firstly, this is not my animation. It was made by a friend at Motion Cafe.

                      This was just to show you that pseudo plugins can be include into .ffx files because I was worrying we were not talking aout the same thing. Anyway thanks for the fixes, I'll send the new file to him.


                      Ok now with your help I can reproduce the issue. When we save the .ffx file with all groups open, the file is corrupted. We have to save the preset with all group closed like you show me.


                      I will report this issue.

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                        I am the author of this preset! Thank you for the correction, I asked what was your method for corrected. You have corrected the xml and was re-imported this custom effect, then update expressions and save it again?

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          The correction is simply to select the properties you wan in the animation preset by making simple generic selections when you save the animation preset. No other work is required. I simply added the broken fix file and then spun down the layer properties and selected them as shown:


                          Then the file is saved. This write aa clean fix file, no xml rewrite is necessary. If you want to include transformations then you would select transformations. If the layer is not a shape layer you will not have the Contents section.


                          Opening up all of the effects and transformations layers and then dragging a selection around all the properties you want to include in the preset will always result in an effort when you have renamed parameters or effects in the Effects Control Panel. It has been that way as long as I can remember.

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                            Darkpulse Motion Design Level 1

                            Hi Rick,



                            I have another issue about saving presets with a custom controller inside. download it here

                            I've made a small .ffx test to show you my problem. The shape position is linked to a point controller with a default value x=0.5 and y=0.5.

                            When you load the preset one a new composition, the shape position is wrong. It taking the position value at the point when I saved the preset. I have to click to reset (on the top of the effect panel) to center the shape again. I can't remember the way to save the preset in a way that when I load it, the point controller is setting to default value.



                            I think I should select all custom controller element without the point, but when I do that, I've got the error message we've talk before when I load it.



                            I hope I'm clear.